Worked Over - video

2018-10-19 24/7 slavegirl angel and Chantal 14:48 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Lesbian
Worked Over - video 1
Worked Over - video 2
Worked Over - video 3
Worked Over - video 4

We allow the two girls, 24/7 slavegirl "angel" and Chantal some time to enjoy themselfes. Guess what they do? Tie each other up! Go figure...

Anyway, Mr.Pe soon has enough of their girlish fun and decides it's time for him to have fun with the two girls. The girls have to endure suction cups and several beatings with different whips and Mr.Pe''s bare hands...

In Private - video

2018-09-21 Chantal 1:16 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
In Private - video 1
In Private - video 2
In Private - video 3
In Private - video 4

This is a sweet gallery. Chantal is bound, blindfolded and left in her own world for a while. Then she is bound into a hogtie with a dildo penetrating her. She's allowed to work the vibrating dildo. Finally her nipples are tortured and she is brutally f*cked (the f*cking part we do not show you, sorry)

Under the Bridge - video

2018-08-17 Chantal 1:40 minutes Bondage, Fetish, Outdoors
Under the Bridge - video 1
Under the Bridge - video 2
Under the Bridge - video 3
Under the Bridge - video 4

This update is a session held under a bridge. The location is beautiful, the model is stunning and we have fetish, eroticism and bondage; very beautiful.

Note: This content was produced in 2004

Niniane - video, part 3 of 3

2018-06-22 Chantal and Niniane 6:55 minutes Bondage, Fetish, Lesbian
Niniane - video, part 3 of 3 1
Niniane - video, part 3 of 3 2
Niniane - video, part 3 of 3 3
Niniane - video, part 3 of 3 4

This shoot started as a "simple" modeling shoot to introduce new model Niniane. Some kinky clothing, some nudity, just creating beautiful images of two beautiful girls at least that is what they thought! Our beauties where unaware that something else was required of them; simultaneous strappado.

Note: This content was produced in 2004

An average day - video

2018-05-18 Chantal 4:56 minutes BDSM, Bondage, Fetish
An average day - video 1
An average day - video 2
An average day - video 3
An average day - video 4

This is one *hot* gallery of Chantal. She is crawling over the floor wearing only her leather cuffs and a butt-plug with pony-tail. She gets restrained, clamps on her nipples and is pleasuring me with her hands. She gets whipped into submission and then she is left alone with herself and her lust. It's a real pleasure to watch her getting into herself and building up lust by being restrained!

Note: This content was produced in 2004