Nighty Nighty, part 1/2 0

It's time for some relaxing and the choice was made for a long weekend at a resort. Together with uber sexy, sweet and petite slave girl abraxas we head out to the resort. I won't bore you with al the relaxing that we did, what I will share is the first night.

My very petite slavegirl, with and awesome ass, had to wear big cuffs and these I connected together. Then I placed a ballgag in her big lipped very yummy mouth (ohw what those lips are capable of!). There you have the start of a relaxed sexy bondage evening. My slavegirl on the bed, gagged in a leather strappado tie. I played with my little girl, f*ck*d my little girl, hugged my little girl and from time to time removed the ballgag for some other use of my little girls lips before placing the gag back in.

Before actually going to bed I had another surprise for her, a leather zip hood. That's a tight fitting leather hood with a "flap" you can zip closed in front of the face to black out everything. I put the hood on my girl and for good measure a wide leather collar. It's amazing how those rough leather cuffs and collar really work for that tiny body of hers. Bed time or not, again she was so sexy in all that leather attire and she knew it, played with it. So, I played along. I made her ride the ball gag that she was previously wearing and put nipple clamps on her wonderful and sensitive breasts.

If I don't take control of my slavegirl she can go on and on so I prepared for zipping up while still having that squirming petite body against me, on me, trying to get me in her (she succeeded). I started folding the "flaps" of the hood in front of her, ready for closing.

After some time I zipped up the hood. That blocked most of the light for her and she slowly stopped squirming. I removed the nipple clamps, that resulted in a muffled moan from behind the zipped up hood. After the final cuddles I tucked her in an we called it a night, a nighty night.

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